An In Depth Look at the Oxyfix Formula: DMG ( Dimethylglycine), Part 3 of a 5

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In this 5 Part Series, Dr. Blue will be sharing with you an in depth look at the ingredients that make up our unique high altitude Oxyfix Formula.  This is part 3 of our series and we will be discussing DMG

What is DMG? 

Dimethylglycine, commonly referred to as DMG and sometimes called Vitamin B 15, is actually an amino acid derived from Glysine.   It is present in the cells of all plants and animals. It occurs naturally in the body and is present only for a very short period of time in the Krebs Cycle where ATP is produced.  ATP ( Adenosine Triphosphate) is a complex organic chemical and is the fuel that all your cells use for energy.  The body breaks down DMG very quickly which enables it to access and use it quickly in a supplemental form

Is it Safe?

Yes.  Numerous studies have been done on the safety of DMG.  The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center confirms that DMG is non toxic and has no adverse side effects.

Benefits of DMG

DMG has a plethura of uses.  It is used to relieve various behavioral conditions and touted to relieve symptoms of ADHD and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It has been shown to improve speech in Autism patients.  It helps with brain health and cardiovascular health.  It helps strengthen the immune system and reduce stress among other benefits.

Oxygenation and Sports Enhancer

It has been added to Oxyfix because of it’s ability to enhance oxygen utilization during hypoxia or oxygen deficiency.  It also helps reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles and is a free radical scavenger. It promotes athletic performance and endurance by bolstering cellular oxygenation.  

Our Oxyfix Formula contains 125mg, a healthy dose that works synergistically with the other ingredients in Oxyfix.


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We will be be discussing each of Oxyfix’s ingredients and their beneficial roles in our formula in the upcoming blogs.

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Table of Contents