An In Depth Look at the Oxyfix Formula: Eleuthero, Part 5 of a 5

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What is Eleuthero? 

Eleuthero is a plant that grows in China, Russia, Japan and Korea.  It is considered an adaptogen.  An adaptogen increases the bodies ability to resist stress of different kinds and normalizes the body back to homeostasis.Eleuthero is related to Ginseng and was once called Siberian Ginseng but it contains glycosides with similar properties as the ginsenosides of Panax Ginseng.


Studies have shown that Eleuthero increases the bodies ability to handle stress from heat, noise, motion, exercise and increased workload.  It also normalized mental alertness and work output.  Most of these stresses are increased with an increase in altitude and decrease of oxygen.  Eleuthero was added to the Oxyfix formula as it addresses many of the symptoms related to altitude sickness.  It should be noted that it does contain trace amounts of Organic Germanium.  Organic Germanium is another ingredient of the Oxyfix formula which allows the blood to carry more oxygen.

Is it safe?

Eleuthero is safe and has been recognized and used for centuries as a popular herb.  We recommend consulting your doctor if you have any concerns.


Our Oxyfix formula contains 1000 mg of Organic Eleuthero Senticosis Root Powder, a healthy dose.  It’s role in the formula is to help with the symptoms of altitude sickness.


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Table of Contents