The Oxyfix Story

We would like to share with you our Oxyfix story and a little bit about us.  Earnie Blue, N.D. is the founder and creator of the Oxyfix formula and products. Dr. Blue along with business partner Chris and started Oxyfix USA, LLC.  Chris  assists with the many aspects of running a business.  Dr. Blue’s wife, Kim helps with some of the behind the scenes activities. Our mission at Oxyfix is to offer a superior product and outstanding customer service.  Now here is Dr. Blue’s story.

During my years of practicing Naturopathic Medicine I shared an office in Manitou Springs, Co with a chiropractor. He was an avid runner at the time. We had small health food store and had our own brand of herbs and herbal formulas. I was the formulator for the company. Being a runner, he had asked me if there was anything that would help his running at altitude because the Pikes Peak Marathon was coming up. 

I knew that organic germanium a trace mineral would help the blood carry more oxygen and that octocasanol derived from wheat germ helped the cells to uptake oxygen more efficiently. Dimethyl Glysine also known as DMG or vitamin B15 helps the cells burn oxygen more effectvely. I did research on exercising at altitude and found that altitude sickness was a major concern. Nausea, pain, and lack of endurance were common symptoms of high altitude sickness, so I added ginger which helps alleviate nausea. It is also a cox2 inhibitor which is a safe pain reliever. Eleuthero is used by athletes worldwide to increase endurance. I formulated these ingredients in optimal doses and OxyFix was born.

The Chiropractor and his running buddies all tried it with great success, both feeling better and improving their times.  Not only did it help with the runners but helped many of our patients and their visiting families from lower altitudes.  Being a huge success in Manitou Springs, Co., Oxyfix USA, LLC has expanded nationwide.  I have since retired from my practice in Manitou Springs and now reside in Penrose, Co.  I continue to enjoy helping many people from all over with Oxyfix.