Here's what people are saying about Oxyfix

Here is what Brandon had to say on his recent "Tough Mudder" competition in Aspen, Co. "The Oxyfix helped tremendously! I was able to run up the steepest of hills at high altitude with ease."
This Stuff Works! This is all natural and works every time to stave off the side effects of being at higher altitudes. I used it on a ski trip and did not get the usual headache and dizziness I've had before. I highly recommend this product!!!
I live and work here in Manitou Springs, Co. where the elevation is over 6000ft. I have been taking Oxyfix on a regular basis for 2 years. I have more energy and a sense of overall well being.
Terry "The Old Man"
Great Stuff! Excellent Product. Helped me deal with the high altitude and gave me energy. Can't say enough good about it!
Before Oxyfix, altitude sickness would hit me while trail running at altitudes above 9,000 ft and as a result I would feel nauseous and not be able to eat or drink. This obviously had a negative effect on my performance. When a buddy recommended Oxyfix, I was initially skeptical as I just chalked my issues up to improper nutrition and hydration. Finally, I tried Oxyfix while training for the 2017 Pikes Peak ascent and to my surprise, I did not get altitude sickness at all! That day ended up being my fastest time up the mountain! Since then, I have taken Oxyfix every time I head up to higher elevations and the results have been consistent each time. I love that this is an all natural supplement, so I don't have to worry about putting anything potentially harmful in my body. If you have issues with altitude sickness, I highly recommend this supplement!